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Hey gamers, swimmers, and everyone in between!

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february's lotus pinup! he is fashionably late to the stylish cowboy trend 🍑🤠

vampbyte -

hello! i'm zack, a trans freelance illustrator and comic author. i'm the creator of the LGBT fantasy comic Deryli and the Magician's Key and the horror comic RORY.

i also make art tutorials, guides, and custom brushes + assets for clip studio paint! my guides are free to read on my patreon 😊

🍄 portfolio 🍄 twitter 🍄 instagram 🍄 tumblr 🍄 pillowfort
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Deryli Rustmane dreams of following in the footsteps of his father, Lepus Rustmane, Runa's top magic scholar and guardian of one of the legendary Keys of Fate. His plans for the future change, however, when Lepus vanishes in the wake of a magical accident - leaving behind the mystery of his missing key, the Key of Seasons, and a national crisis for the floating Kingdom of Androvea, which cannot stay suspended without it.

Deryli sets off with his best friend and prince of Androvea, Philippe, on a journey to discover the whereabouts of Lepus and the Key of Seasons before Androvea falls from the sky - but their efforts will unknowingly entangle them in the plans of figures with greater, more sinister intentions for the Keys of Fate and the entire world of Runa.

Read on Tapas | Read on WEBTOON | Read on Patreon (early access + hi-res)

(Mature Rating for blood, violence, death, and drug use)

A cynical male model named Rory just wants to get famous, look good, and make money. He gets the opportunity to do just that when he comes into contact with the elusive and renowned photographer, Roger Van Dijk, who is interested in making Rory the subject of his magnum opus. This dream come true quickly turns into a nightmare, however, as Roger's artistic vision turns into something much, much stranger.

Read on Tapas | Read on Tumblr | Read on Patreon (hi-res)

thank you for visiting my page! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ ‥…━━━★

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fallow -

...la segunda es que ocurría cuando mi hermanita decide unirse en mi dibujo xD

español no es mi idioma primera, perdón si hay errores de gramática-

descripción corto: dos dibujos de dr flug. en la segunda hay un bocadillo con la cara de skeppy.

no tengo la energia para describir más al momento-

I have a finished thing, I didn't really want to post it sooner so have it now I guess-

There's some symbolism as well as a reference.. so ye

vampbyte -

last month i started a multi-part guide on drawing backgrounds for beginners (or any artist anxious about getting started!). i took some people's questions on twitter about things they struggle with most regarding backgrounds and i'm using those to write up this guide, so hopefully your burning questions about backgrounds are answered here!

  • how do perspective lines work?

  • how do you decide what to put in a character's room?

  • how do you make your backgrounds less flat?

all that and more is answered here!

these guides are free to read and will stay free to read. if you find them helpful consider supporting me on patreon or ko-fi if you like! i post free guides to my patreon regularly and bonus content for patrons 😊


Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 1): The Basics of Perspective

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 2): The Basics of Depth

Breaking Down Backgrounds (Part 3): Designing a Room with Personality

i hope these are helpful!

Hey gamers, swimmers, and everyone in between!

Trying to find more people to reblog some tasty, tasty art from, so if you're a content creator, please give this a like or a reblog so we can look at your blog and give you a follow! If you have an art tag, you can leave a comment to tell us what it is so we can more easily find your stuff!

We have a heavy leaning towards visual art, so Digital and traditional art, 3d renders/3d art, physical crafts like plushies and the like.. but we also look at and share cosplay, writing, music, and stuff like that! Just know that we more so try to share original writing and music, opposed to fanficition and remixes.

Oh and one last thing! We dig deep when looking for art to reblog, so that older art that didn't get the spotlight it deserved will more likely make the rounds on waterfall! We want to give everyone a chance to have their art seen, so from time to time we'll be repouring really old art o:

and remember, we also have a discord server if you're interested! and just recently started using twitter!

Happy creating! Have a great day!

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ak4neh -

I wanted to make at least some pride art of my sonas this month ... So there it is !

jadewyton -

‘You want to talk about what happened?’

‘I don’t know,’ said Talia. ‘I guess we have to, don’t we?’

‘I suppose we do,’ Dale replied. ‘Well.... First things first; do you like me?’

Talia looked away, focusing her gaze on the school yard and scanning the building for signs of students. ‘Yes.’

‘Do you want to date me?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘You don’t know?’ Dale asked, his fingers tapping on the wheel again.

‘I’ve been trying to decide all day,’ Talia admitted. ‘That’s why I didn’t want to talk about it sooner. Because I’m just not sure. It’s... overwhelming. And I’m sorry. I wish I had an answer.’

‘Hey, it’s alright,’ Dale replied, and she felt his hand rest on hers. When she turned, his gaze was soft, and kind, and full of love, and it made her heart wrench sideways and upside down. ‘You don’t have to be sure, yet. You can think about it.’

‘You’d wait for an answer?’ Talia almost scoffed. ‘That’s.... I don’t know how long it’ll take me. What if it takes me a week to decide?’

Dale shrugged. ‘Then I’ll wait a week for the answer.’

‘God, I want to strangle you! Stop being so sweet!’ Talia groaned. She caught a glimpse of Dale’s grin as she turned and dropped her head against the window with a huff. They both sat for a while, staring at the nearby buildings, before Talia let out an exasperated breath and turned back. ‘Dale?’


‘Thanks,’ she managed. ‘For being patient with me. I appreciate it.’

‘It’s alright,’ he replied.

Then the bell rang, and less than a minute later students were pouring out the doors into the yard.

‘Here they come,’ Dale said.

‘Oh, no, is that Jacob?’ Talia groaned— And then felt herself relax as Jacob waved goodbye and veered off in another direction. ‘Oh thank god. I did not want him being involved in this conversion.’

‘Yeah, talk about awkward,’ Dale gave a half-hearted laugh, which became much more genuine as Gavin pulled open the car door and leapt in. ‘Hey, Gav, how was school?’

‘Was alright,’ Gavin replied, throwing his bag in the foot-well and pulling on his belt. ‘What were you doing in mum’s bed last night?’

For god’s sake, Gavin! Talia almost screamed as she watched her son through the rear-view mirror. Have some tact!

Thankfully, Dale chuckled. Though it was awkward. ‘Just chilling.’

Gavin’s brow furrowed, and he looked confused as he stared at Dale. ‘Chilling?

‘Yeah, chilling!’ Dale repeated. ‘Nothing wrong with two people just, you know, hanging out!’

‘In bed together?’

‘Yeah!’ said Dale, his voice cracking as he blushed. ‘Just two good friends. Hanging out.’

Gavin looked at his mother. Then to Dale. Then back and forth again before he rolled his eyes. ‘You asked her out, didn’t you?’

‘Yes,’ Dale admitted.

‘Like you said you would.’


demon aesthetic 'sona needed an update so a quick take on that

concept art for character from my 「game」
unhelpful process gif
weird game site
twitter nonsense

The Good Place "Soulmate" "AU"

babushka -

After a while of restarts, Michael decides to tackle the "soulmate" lie he tells his subjects a little differently. The idea is suggested by a demon from the "Internet Crimes" department.

As the residents of the neighborhood wake up on the first morning of being there, the names of other residents appear on their wrists. Michael announces that the system has chosen a soulmate for each one of them, but the true pleasure for them will be to find their soulmates by themselves, and that's what they should do. Soulmate names can stay private, so everyone gets a bracelet to wear on their wrist.

Chidi wakes up with a name that is written in a truly unique font. It has so many swirls in it, he can't quite figure out what it says. Michael just shrugs and tells him to go with his heart, but the scribble can as well say "Eleanor", "Eloise", "Simone", "Legolas"... Even worse is that a lot of men in the neighborhood, somehow, share their name with him and there is a lot of "Chidi"s written on wrists! Chidi struggles to constantly choose between people who come up to him with this name, only for one of them to be swept off their feet by their actual soulmate right in the moment of his decision.

Tahani's wrist is blank. She gets very self-conscious about it, at first, as the demons constantly ask her about her soulmate. At some point, though, she gets over it and decides she is, in fact, fine with being single for eternity and it doesn't take away her value as a person. She throws a huge party, on which she announces that her wrist is blank. Everyone applauds her strength and the ability to publically announce such a huge deal, and she enjoys the spotlight. Then she jokingly says "None of you here have me as your soulmate, do you?" and Jason stands up.

He, indeed, has her name on his wrist, and the reason Tahani's wrist was blank because Jason's monk alter ego was so humble, that not only he gave up his speech, he gave up all of his possessions in this world, even his name. It's kind of humiliating to Jason since he wanted to be a known DJ. Of course, he's been staring at Tahani's hot appearance this entire time, but couldn't bring himself to talk to her, fearing of being caught and sent to the bad place. He spent his time in his budhole and asked Janet for the advice on his soulmate, but her advice wasn't always helpful since she was already subconsciously jealous after that timeline they were together. Now, of course, Tahani is in an awkward situation, as she has made the humblest creature on the planet suffer for so long, and she doesn't really want to be stuck with a nameless monk. After they move in together, no big changes happen, Jason is still scared of her and she is hopelessly trying to get him to open up to her.

Eleanor finds her soulmate pretty quickly. Ken is a total pushover though, so her selfishness only grows. Later, he gets fed up with it and they're arguing a lot, in the heat of the fight Eleanor puts up her wrist to remind him they're soulmates, but there is another name on her wrist. Ken runs away, furious. Eleanor realizes this is one of the side effects of her not belonging here, she finds Ken and begs him to stay, but no matter how hard they try, her name doesn't change back and his name just gets smudged. Eventually, Michael finds out.

Eleanor is terrified but Michael explains this is plausible. Some people are complicated, he says, so the system recalibrates along the way with them. It can happen a number of times, he says, but in the end, you will still find The One and your ex-soulmate will be just fine, probably... Shortly after, Ken gets a new perfect soulmate - a big, fluffy cat (who is also a demon in disguise). Eleanor goes off to find another soulmate.

This also doesn't go well, since Trent already has a soulmate, and Eleanor's appearance ruins his perfect relationship with them. They stay up all night, and Trent's partner is ready to give him up because they're too kind, only for Eleanor's name to get changed again next morning. Her misery continues as she finds other people who she doesn't get along with, and a few Chidis, and she can't help but count the numbers the name changes on her wrist. At least if "Chidi" changes to "Chidi" it's not visible...

When she runs into our Chidi Anagonye, he looks at his wrist, which could as well be saying "Eleanor" and decides to give her a shot. She then pleads him to pretend to be her soulmate and vows not to bother him much since she finds him to be a boring guy not interested in women, unlike some other Chidis, and with his scribble of a wrist names they can easily pass as true soulmates. And he can also teach her to be good - perfect catch! However, she needs to respect his wants and needs and truly try to form a relationship and for the name not to be changed again, because the system only needs to be calibrated for a fixed amount of times on a good person... And Chidi still hopes his soulmate is somewhere out there, searching for him, and he just gave them up, and the ethical cluster fork continues...

Everyone is suffering, and Michael is happy.

Until Eleanor figures out that not only are they in the Bad Place, but in a particular fanfiction-based one! Chidi is curious how the names worked then, and Michael explains, laughing, that he just drew the names on everyone's hands with a Sharpie while they were sleeping, and did it several times with Eleanor.

concept art for character from my 「game」
unhelpful process gif
weird game site
twitter nonsense

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nikku -

Figured the first thing I should share is my fleshed out cosmian species! Here's a ref sheet for them. Just remember this is a general guideline! Cosmians can also be made of different materials [such as partially ice, rock, gas, goop] and be a bit less humanoid then depicted here. The ref is simply for traits that are based on a rareness scale that cosmians have, to avoid overusing or underusing certain traits.

Please open the image in a new tab for full view if the full view doesn't work

For a SUPER LONG thing with more information about them check under the read more!

✦ ✦ ✦ Rules ✦ ✦ ✦

( 1 ) This is a semi-open species... This means you can only get your own Cosmian through a MYO event, if you buy/are gifted an adopt, or you make a personal request to me to make one and have it be reviewed. Personal requests however do not guarantee you'll be able to have your own.

( 2 ) If you get a Cosmian adopt from me or an approved artist, you are allowed to draw as much art of that cosmian as you would like. However, you are only allowed to change color schemes, clothes, or aspects not regarding the physical traits on the reference sheet. The very first time you draw anything based on the adopt you get, you must link back to the adopt page. For anyone selling/trading designs you must link back to this post.

( 3 ) Fanart of already made Cosmians is allowed. Just make sure you ask the owner of the adopted space children if it's alright to draw fanart of said Cosmian. If you draw any fanart whatsoever, you must link back to the original drawing/Cosmian you're making fanart of, or their profile.

✦ ✦ ✦ Cosmians - A guide to cosmic children ✦ ✦ ✦

✦ Basics ✦

Cosmians are a celestial race, who come in all shapes, sizes, colors, as well as different variations based on aspects of space. Cosmians are a long lived species, living anywhere from 500-2000 earth years[written as EYs for the rest of the journal]. They start out as eggs and take about 12 months to hatch. Their 'children' years last until they're about 50EYs old. After that, their aging process depends solely on their variant. When Cosmians start aging, they decay much differently than humans. Most light/star variants will slowly grow dimmer and will shrink in size, while certain variants [such as planet or comet based Cosmians] will grow brittle and their movements will slow. It all depends on their variant. How quickly they age also depends on said variant.

When Cosmians are injured, exhausted, and sometimes while sleeping, they will revert to their "Statis State" [an individual person's stasis state is sometimes affectionately referred to as a "stasis critter"] A Cosmian's statis state often depicts some sort of animal like blob. Most Stasis critters are extremely small [about a foot tall] while some will be as large as 3 feet.

Cosmians are able to consume any organic matter. As long as it is not strongly decaying, they can eat any number of things to gain energy. Most are vegetarian by nature, while others are omnivores. Only star variants are able to eat minerals such as rocks, crystals, and so on, [as long as they are organically occurring] because their internal temperatures far exceed their external temperatures and they are able to melt said mineral in their mouth. Other variants could partially digest them, but would be unwise to eat simply because they are usually too hard to eat.

Cosmians do not have a digestive track, only a stomach which material is broken down in and absorbed back into their bodies. The only other organs a Cosmian has is its brain and lungs. Some Cosmians have fully solid organs, while others are more akin to human-like organs. They do however have a skeletal system, but it varies vastly depending on the specific Cosmian variant. They all have a typical skeleton such as limbs, ribs, spine, and a skull, but their shape and overall structure can vary.

✦ Visuals ✦

Most Cosmians are at least 'human like' in terms of their form, but their overall visuals can be all over the board. Each Cosmian has a different visual set, some including multiple/single eyes, animal like body parts, and in rare cases horns [which typically only planet/comets have, although in very rare cases galaxies may have them]. Their hair structure can be similar to real hair or can be smokey, like flames, or they'll have solid rock/ice forms that look similar to hair, but is just a part of their skeletons or skin, depending on the Cosmian.

Their color spectrum is based on their variant.

Stars can have any color aside from black, or any neutral/earthy tones. Most common colors are white, blue, and yellow.

Planets and comets can be any colors usually earthy tones or shades of green. Comets however, are never found in black or white, and it's extremely rare for either to be found in mostly yellow or dark blues.

Galaxy Cosmians are typically dark shades of cooler colors, but can be found in any color but white. Their stars can also be found in any color but black or red.

Black Hole Cosmians are found any any shade between dark grey and black, and can have blue or purple tints to them. White holes can be found in extremely light blues, teals, and yellows, all the way to pure white.

Their eyes and hair can be pretty much any color, with the exception of Stars having hair that is near the same color as their body, and eyes that are on the same spectrum [ex cool colored stars have cool colored eyes]. Planet/comets and White Holes typically always have white, sometimes slightly tinted eyes with any color iris, while black holes and galaxies can have eyes ranging anywhere on the color spectrum. Black holes typically have darker colored irises though, and galaxies tend to have brighter colored ones.

✦ Star Cosmians ✦

Star Cosmians are one of the smallest and largest of the variants. They come in almost any color, and emit a very strong light. For some species that have a sensitivity to light, it can be very draining to look at them for extended periods. During times of high stress their light can shine even brighter [a defense mechanism] while during periods of depression, tiredness, or sickness, their light may dim. Stars are the most energetic of the Cosmians, aside from White Holes. Depending on their personality they may be into sports, partying, or anything where they can release a lot of their pent up energy. Doing things that require a lot of energy helps keep Stars from aging too quickly, and can keep their mental state very positive. Star Cosmians average height is around 5 to 6 feet, but some can be as large as 8 feet, and some as small as 3.

✦ Planet/Comet Cosmians ✦

Planet Cosmians are very large and sturdy, often towering over 6 feet the average height being between 6.5 and 8 feet. However Comet Cosmians, although similar in structure are slightly different from Planet Cosmians, because they are much smaller, roughly 4-5ft tall. Both Planets and Comets may release a smoke or steam like substances that follows them around or surrounds their bodies. Certain Comets may be covered in a thin layer of ice or smoke, while certain Planets can be entirely made largely of ice or gas. Comets are usually the type to be helpers. Due to their small size they may not be able to do a lot of tasks that other Cosmian's can do, and will often times just be happy being able to help others with their tasks and hobbies. Planets typically will take any work they can use their hands with. This ranges from crafting, construction, art, and more. They prefer a very hands on approach to learning and doing.

✦ Galaxy Cosmians ✦

Galaxy Cosmians are similar to star Cosmian's in stature and size, although some can be even bigger. However they do not emit a strong light, and instead their body is filled with small star like lights that can be seen through the skin. Galaxies can obtain energy from other Cosmians are one of the only Cosmians able to do so. They also cannot absorb energy from other Cosmians without consent. If they do, is is extremely mentally exhausting for them, and can even damage their bodies, because without consent they are unable to control how much energy they can absorb. Galaxies are a bit of a wild card. Depending on the specific galaxy they can either have a high amount of energy, or a very low amount. They can also fluctuate between energies and states very often. They are typically good in creative fields, or jobs with relaxed schedules as certain Galaxies can fluctuate very often which can make certain jobs difficult when they have low physical energy... While others fluctuate very slowly, which can cause long periods of low energy, but luckily those who fluctuate slower will have more energy in their 'lower' points. Not all Galaxy Cosmian's fluctuate, but it is a common phenomenon that is currently being studied. The main theory going around is that it's due their volatile internal structure, which can change with age and mental state.

✦ Black/White Hole Cosmians ✦

Black Hole Cosmians are often either docile or mischevious, but they're the most all over the board type of cosmians, and come with many unique personalities. Often times they will be homebodies and stay to themselves, while others may be pranksters and enjoy being very extroverted. They can accidentally drain energy from others if they make physical contact with them. Black Holes can usually control this, but when under stress or when emotions are heightened they may sap a little bit of energy from someone. They seem to absorb the light of Star Cosmians when around them, but they also emit a very small smokey glow themselves. White Hole Cosmians are very parental or overly chaotic, but as with Black Holes they're all still very unique. They have a high amount of energy and can share their energy with anyone, including other species [aside from small creatures outside of Cosmian nature]. Most of the more laid back White Holes take on caretaker or medical roles, given the calming nature of their light and their ability to share energy with others. Other White Holes take on roles such as performing, because they enjoy getting attention which can make it easier to get and give energy. Both black and white holes can range between 5 and 8 feet tall.

h a h new au time- It's called Objecttale! Which is youtube object shows like Battle For BFDI and Undertale mashed together.. I like BFDI.. and some of the other object shows are cool..

I got some other pieces in the works too! So stay tuned for that :)